School Characteristics

Course Features
The curriculum is based on the Pre-primary Education Curriculum Guide. It is tailored to meet the needs of early childhood development and is designed around child-centered principles which are suitable and flexible. Learning content combines life experience with the children’s interests. It also provides diversified learning, encourages exploration and problem-solving abilities.
English courses are taught by experienced English teachers. The content of the course is fun so children can get to know English from the beginning. They learn English through words, phonics, conversation, pronunciation skills, and how to communicate with people. A good foundation of English will link with the primary school curriculum.
Taught by experienced Putonghua teachers in subject form. Through children’s songs and stories that teach young children about the topic of vocabulary and conversation.
Using different types of musical instruments to teach the children rhythm and pitch and link it to life experience. The use of life’s most basic activities to “create" music rhythm and make the children’s music classroom a complete combination of music, singing, rhythm, body performance and musical instruments, so that young children can cultivate interest in music.
Computer Courses
In the classroom teachers use EVI computer education platform teaching materials, so that children get the latest information. Young children can also extend and strengthen the subject taught by teachers through computer games.