Hong Kong Family Welfare Society
Nurturing Seeds Kindergarten Social Work Service

  1. Early identification of children and their families in needs, to provide appropriate counselling and referral services;
  2. Cultivation of positive emotions, healthy interpersonal relationships and resilience of the children relationships, and strengthen their resilience and problem-solving abilities;
  3. Providing emotional support and parenting education to parents;
  4. Enhancement of parent-child relationships and promoting harmony in the family;
  5. Supporting the kindergarten personel in handling the behavioral problems and the emotional needs of children, and to develop a caring and well-established counseling system in the kindergarten.
Service Delivery

Stationing Service at Pre-primary Institutions to provide counselling service, enquiry service and to launch therapeutic/developmental/educational groups and programmes

On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services

St. James’ Settlement Uncle James Child Development Centre (Uncle James Classroom) provide onsite services for our school and the details are as follows.


To serve preschoolers who have special educational needs  

To render professional support to teachers

Services for Children

Supporting children with SEN

Setting short-term goals and long-tern training targets for children who have got their assessments done

Arranging a monthly 5-hour training for children in need

Inviting individual children to attend different events or group sessions during holidays to enhance their knowledge of the world and social intelligence

Observing the target children having lesson in our school


Services for Parents

Connecting with parents and responding to questions

Developing parents’ knowledge and skills in managing children with SEN

Relieving parents’ stress and negativity

Reinforcing parents’ know-how in upskilling their children sustainably at home

Education services for non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students

Our school supports Non-Chinese Students to learn Chinese and integrate into school life.

Education Bureau Education services for non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students link:

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